• Children understand, and therefore adopt, a healthy lifestyle.
  • Children have positive sporting attitudes, value of encouragement, empathy, respect and compassion.
  • Our children will persevere to improve through personal challenge.
  • Children will develop a life-long love of sport through a range of opportunities in school, after school and within the wider community.
  • Children experience the pride of representing their school in either competitive or non-competitive events.

How do our values shine through in Physical Education?


Children respect the importance of teamwork; we win or lose together. Children understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and gain respect for their own bodies and personal health.


Children encourage and empathise with their peers and to celebrate others’ victories as well as their own.


Children are motivated to explore and engage with a range of sports opportunities in and out of school.


Through the learning and application of new skills, children achieve through personal challenge and doing their best.