• Children develop a curiosity and respect for new languages, cultures and traditions.
  • Children are excited by language learning and the multicultural dimension it adds to their learning.
  • Language learning creates an awareness of ‘difference’ that is positive and respectful.
  • Language teaching at Heworth provides the foundation for learning further languages in the future.

How do our values shine through in MFL?


Children are aware of “difference” in a positive way. They know that there are other ways to live and behave which are valid, despite not being the same as the one that they know at home.


Children gain an understanding of, and respect for, other cultures.


A problem-solving approach is fostered, giving children opportunities to work out language use for themselves in a supportive context where risk-taking and creativity are encouraged.


Over time, children build the confidence needed to express themselves in a new language and discover the rewards of making it their own.