• Children can use a rich variety of software and applications – on a range of devices – confidently and with purpose.
  • Children transition successfully into an ever changing technological world with the correct skills and competency.
  • Children exercise a suitable level of caution in all they do with technology and can keep safe online.
  • In an ever changing world, children at Heworth will be able to use up to date technology that will be relevant to them both now and in the future.

How do our values shine through in Computing?


Children learn that the virtual world is vast, with differing views, accuracy and interpretations. They learn to identify reliable sources and respect that not all they read is true.


Children will use the skills they have learned, to interact with, and discover more about, the wider world. This will help them develop compassion for people living in different circumstances.


Children know how to access information safely and to protect themselves in a virtual world.


Children learn participate in a rapidly changing world where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology. They learn that they need to continue to upskill and that learning is an ongoing process.