“Art is not just a subject to learn, but an activity that you can practise with your hands, your eyes, your whole personality.”

Quentin Blake

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

Scott Adams

Helping Each Child to Flourish

Studying and creating Art can be exciting, challenging, intriguing, inspiring, absorbing, calming and fun! At Heworth, our aim is that our Art curriculum offers all of these things. Pupils will be given opportunities to study and recreate the styles of a wide range of artists, but also to experiment and find their own style. We want to give each pupil a passion for Art and an appreciation for painting and sculpture, print making, collage and textiles, both traditional and modern. We give children the experience of visiting galleries and encourage them to evaluate what they have seen and felt. Children learn to understand that artists can convey powerful statements through their work that can influence others, and that they too can do this. We want children to be able to have the courage to say what they like and why, to be creative and try things out, to have a go at new techniques and styles, to persevere when they find something challenging and to delight in their achievements.

What Art and Design looks like at Heworth?

  • Excited and engaged pupils, learning and developing new skills.
  • Children studying and being influenced by varied and diverse Art from around the world, and from different eras.
  • Pupils creating both two and three dimensional Art work in a variety of mediums.
  • Children making statements, about themselves and the wider world through their work.
  • Children exploring cross-curricular Topics further and in more depth through their Art.
  • KS1 pupils experimenting enthusiastically with materials and styles for the first time.
  • KS2 pupils developing ideas, practising skills and experimenting in sketchbooks.
  • Creative and individual Art, celebrated through exhibitions, displays and on school social media.

How do our values shine through in Art and Design?


Pupils are encouraged to have a go and trust that their peers will appreciate their efforts and give positive and compassionate feedback.


Children learn that artist’s skills improve through practise and perseverance, as will their own.


Pupils learn about artists; their lives, influences and passions, learning to show empathy with others who have produced their work during challenging times or in different places.

How do children flourish in Art and Design at Heworth?

  • Children delight in their creativity as they explore and experiment in expressing themselves and their ideas.
  • As they make steady progress, children will grow in confidence and take pride in their developing technical understanding and practical abilities. 
  • By studying artists and designers, pupils learn more about the power and purposes of Art, and appreciate the full spectrum of creativity that human beings from all cultures have produced over the centuries, which helps them to develop their understanding of the world they are growing up in.
  • Encouraged and inspired by Art, some pupils will choose further studies in the subject – in the knowledge that they can help create the Art of the future.