• Children delight in their creativity as they explore and experiment in expressing themselves and their ideas.
  • Children grow in confidence and take pride in their developing technical understanding and practical abilities.
  • By studying artists and designers, children learn more about the power and purposes of art. They appreciate the full spectrum of human creativity, from all cultures over the centuries, developing their understanding of the world in which they grow.
  • Encouraged and inspired by the art they have learned about at Heworth CE Primary School, children will be keen to continue their artistic journey in the future.

How do our values shine through in Art and Design?


Art contributes to children’s personal development through creativity, independence, judgement and self-reflection. Children develop respect for the interpretation and creativity of others.


Children learn about artists, their lives, influences and passions and this helps them to empathise with others who have produced their work during challenging times in different places.


Children are encouraged to have a go and trust that their peers will appreciate their efforts and give positive and compassionate feedback.


Children learn that an artist’s skills improve through practise and perseverance, as will their own.

Art Long Term Plan