It is our aim to ensure that children are supported and challenged to meet their full potential across the whole curriculum, thus preparing them for the future in an ever-changing world. A new and more challenging curriculum was launched by the government in 2014. To help ensure that children reach the new higher age related expectations staff will provide carefully planned homework as an additional support to your child’s learning.

Our school’s aim is ‘Helping Each Child to Flourish’. Our approach to homework supports this aim and our values of ‘Excellence in Learning’, and ‘Showing we Care’. We value the strong partnership we have with home and believe that we can help children to flourish by working together to help them to consolidate the learning they do at school.

Homework should:

  • Be relevant and useful
  • Revisit prior learning
  • Plug gaps in learning
  • Be manageable for teachers
  • Be easily understood by parents and children

In particular, we aim to help children to:

  • Increase fluency in maths, reading and spelling
  • Ensure they are fully prepared for the next stage of their learning