Our Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum at Heworth CE Primary School ensures that all children flourish academically, spiritually and culturally. We strive to nurture a love of learning through a curriculum that is creative, engaging and ambitious; It is a curriculum enriched to ensure that all pupils benefit from opportunities and experiences that will live long in the memory. This develops those skills, qualities and knowledge that are essential for the next step of their education and beyond.

Curriculum Implementation

We follow an ambitious long term plan, devised in school and based on the National Curriculum. In Early Years , we teach a one-year cycle. Our Lower Phase (Years 1, 2 and 3) and Upper Phase (Year 4, 5 and 6) teach a three-year cycle of topics and themes. Our phase groups work together to plan, teach and assess these.

Whilst we do teach the full range of subjects, they are not often taught in isolation. We group key knowledge and skills in our topics and themes and base our learning around real experiences for children. This includes going on trips or having visitors in school to talk to us. For example, when studying Vikings, we visit the Jorvik Museum, when learning about Islam we invite an Imam to talk to us about their faith, and when learning about politics we go to the Houses of Parliament.

Whole School Long Term Curriculum Plan