Physical Education, Physical Activity and School Sport (PEPASS)

“Never say never because limit, like fears, are often just an illusion.” 

Michael Jordan

“Number one is just to gain a passion for running.  To love the morning, to love the trail, to love the pace on the track.  And if some kid gets really good at it, that’s cool too.”

Pat Tyson

Helping Each Child to Flourish

At Heworth CE Primary School, not only do we want our children to understand the importance and benefits of leading an active life, we also want to develop in them, a love of physical activity.  We want our children to develop the values which are so important in making sport a positive and life-long experience for themselves and others.  We want to give all children at Heworth the opportunity to experience the pride of representing their school in either competitive or non-competitive situations.

What PEPASS looks like at Heworth?

Physical Education

  • All pupils in Y1-6 take part in at least two PE lessons every week.  EYFS have at least one PE lesson each week and in addition have daily access to the outdoor area and a weekly Forest School session.
  • Learning is planned in order to show progression throughout the year groups.
  • Children build on previous knowledge and skills.
  • Sporting values are fostered and developed.
  • Players and staff from York City Football Club, York City Knights and Yorkshire Cricket’s Chance to Shine support staff in their PE teaching.

Physical Education

  • During break and lunchtime, children are encouraged to stay active using the wide range of equipment available.
  • A number of extra curricular sports clubs are available after school.
  • At Heworth we raise money for a number of charities through physical activity: a skipathon for The British Heart Foundation, a danceathon for Sport Relief and an annual marathon for Cancer Research UK.

School Sport

In addition to intra-school competitions, we take part in inter-school competitions as part of the York School Sports Network.  During their time at Heworth, all children will have the opportunity to compete in the following competitions: football, Tag rugby, sportshall athletics, rounders, orienteering and cross country.

As a school, we also have the opportunity to compete in: netball and football fixtures and tournaments, the Brownlee triathlon, Tri-Golf, Quadkids, Multi-skills, a B team festival and swimming galas.

How do our values shine through in PEPASS?


Children learn to encourage and empathise with their peers and to celebrate others’ victories as well as their own.


We teach the importance of teamwork; we win or lose together.


Through the learning and application of new skills, children are encouraged to achieve through personal challenge and doing their best.


Children learn to trust in their own abilities. They develop the trust involved in working as part of a team.

How do we know children flourish in PEPASS at Heworth?

  • Children will leave Heworth not only understanding the benefits of, but also wanting to maintain, a healthy lifestyle.
  • Children will have positive sporting attitudes and know the value of encouragement and empathy.
  • Children will push themselves to improve through personal challenge.
  • Children will have experienced a wide range of sports over their time at Heworth and discovered at least one that they love.